Sound-based counterfeit coin detection

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Counterfeit coins are very rare and high quality counterfeits are even more rare. All we offer is additional peace of mind at the point of purchase by offering a quick & simple complimentary sound test.

Some numismatic veterans may be able to rely on their hearing and their years of experience to recognize the sound of a genuine gold or silver coin. For those of us who are unwilling or unable to rely on our ears, we offer a digital version of the ping test with higher sensitivity and higher accuracy.

Yes. As part of our research efforts we purchased a wide range of counterfeit coins. None of the counterfeits passed the ping test as a genuine coin.

A coin is a like a miniature musical instrument. Like a guitar or a drum its characteristic sound is determined by the material its made out of and its shape. Thicker coins will produce higher notes than flatter coins. Similarly flexible materials will lead to lower notes than more rigid materials. The method works quite well because although counterfeiters are able to mimic a coin's geometry and weight, it will be impossible to also mimic the material's rigidity (without them resorting to real gold/silver).

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